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TERRIFIC SUCCESS.  We interviewed a number of agents to market our property and chose Andrew Hasker.  We could not have made a better choice.  He guided us through the arrangement with the Real Estate company and set out a comprehensive plan of advertising and open house sessions.  After each "open house" he gave us feedback on what had transpired.  He also contacted prospective buyers he had on his lists.  In a very sh...
Alan & Diane Maltby

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If you're struggling to save a deposit for a house, take a look at how quickly your savings can grow if you invest them wisely and make regular contributions.


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No idea how much you can afford? This calculator takes into account your salary, expenses and the sort of loan you're after. Find out your borrowing capacity.


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Work out how much you'll need to cover your loan. You can alter the loan amount and term, interest rate and repayment frequency to suit your specific requirement.