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Andrew was simply excellent.  From the moment he showed me through the unit to when settlement was delayed he was always in regular contact and very reassuring given it was my first property purchase.  Andrew was honest and up front about everything and I would highly recommend him to anyone. 
Chris Twible


by Peter Crowe

Posted on 27 April 2018

When demand for homes is greater than supply, the best method of sale is auction. This usually creates a competitive bidding environment and a higher sale price.

If you choose sale by auction then you must consider whether to have it on site, that is in your home, or off site, generally in an auction room. Listen to your Agents advice on this matter, as he has the skill and experience to judge the market and what suits your property. 

A well presented home with a beautiful garden and grounds or a lovely view (or both if you’re lucky) lends itself to an on-site auction, as are houses with unique features or unique location, or with a quality restoration. The “oohs and aahs” of the crowd help promote the property.  Depending on the weather conditions the garden is usually the perfect setting to hold the auction.

The advantage of sale in an auction room is the perception of greater crowd numbers as there are a selection of properties on offer, but the buyers are not all looking for the same property. The property is presented in a visual display, with the Agent’s assistants in the room to help answer enquiries, these are more formal.

Whilst there are no readily available statistics as to which the best method is, anecdotal evidence shows that there is little difference in clearance rates. So, in the end, it’s a matter of your preference.

If we can assist you on this or any other real estate matter, please contact me, Peter Crowe on 0409644455 or call into our friendly office at Seaside Real Estate, 2/56 Landsborough Parade, Golden Beach.